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For all in-person training we invite you to contact me

@ (806)-543-3658.

1019 W University Ave Ste 100, Georgetown, TX

We can give you a tour of the facilities, recovery areas and provide the athlete/individual with a free in-person skills assessment. We can then discuss how we will go about your training phases and how our program can get you the best results possible!

Packages includes:

  • Free Biomechanical analysis

  • Individualized performance program tailored to the clients needs

  • Sessions are 1 - hour long

  • Movement Data Capturing and Analysis via Vitruve VBT

  • Technique Analysis

  • Develop unmatched strength and explosiveness

  • Learn how to use balance and stability to create more power

  • Learn how to develop a faster first step

  • Become faster and more agile than ever before

  • Stay healthy and maintain competitve longetivity

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